CBD capsules and what they contain

CBD oil capsules are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get CBD into your system. Learn more about capsules and what they contain.


CBD capsules are a quick and easy way to consume cannabidiol allowing you to take your prescribed dose of CBD in a convenient and discreet fashion, rather than placing the desired dose under your tongue or into food or drink simply pop a capsule in your mouth. There’s also no need to measure the amount needed. Once you have decided upon the required dose you should be able to find a capsule that suits your needs.

CBD oil is highly concentrated and it is very easy to take too much accidentally. This may result in minor unpleasant side effects (dizziness, dry mouth, mild nausea). Taking capsules eliminates this problem as the dosage is predetermined and although capsules may take a little longer to take effect, when they do, the duration can be significantly longer.

What is MCT oil?

CBD capsules may be just the product you need however as with any natural remedies or supplements be wise know what you are taking. Most, if not all capsules will contain MCT oil, MCT oil stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. Coconut oil, well known as a health and beauty product is the most commonly used MCT oil in the preparation of CBD oil. It may not be suitable for everyone, but MCT is generally a very healthy substance to consume.

Get the maximum benefit from CBD capsules

For the maximum benefit, CBD capsules must be made from a full spectrum CBD extract in order to gain the desired entourage effect where all the cannabinoids are present. A combination of full-spectrum CBD extract and MCT are the primary ingredients of our capsules. The capsule casings are made from HPMC (vegetable based cellulose) capsule so suitable for vegans. There is also a small amount of Silica.

The CBD oil industry is huge and it’s going to get bigger. Depending on your tastes and needs there is probably a product to suit everyone. CBD oil capsules are an interesting and exciting avenue to explore, they’re great if you don’t particularly like the taste of hemp. They are also discreet, convenient and allow you accurately control your dose. More importantly, they are very effective.